Normal Headache... As People Say!!!

Published on 19 April 2021 at 11:17

    It seems very unusual nowadays to see someone who does not have 'HEADACHES'. What is considered a normal headache?? Are they 'Normal'? Maybe, NO.


     As with situations nowadays, all of us, we are confused about what is the “norm” in comparison to what is “normal”. For example, we hear, it is “very normal” to have morning sickness, or heartburn after spicy foods, hot flashes with menopause, or PMS during “that time of the month”. While common, and the “norm” and many more descriptions, they are all indicating that something is not working “normally” or maybe unhealthily.


    Headaches are no different. They are a “RED FLAG” that something may be out of synchronization. It is our duty to find out what!

    Is your headache stabbing, dull, burning, strong, light? Does it come and goes or maybe constant!!!! What are the associated symptoms? Your body!!! What is the underlying mechanism of the headache. While it is common to consider if there is light sensitivity, visual distortion, nausea, vomiting or tingling, etc.

    How are your overall sleeping habits, your bowel movement, digestion, liver and kidney function, emotional trends, lifestyle habits, joint mobility, blood quality, pain anywhere, appetite, cold versus; hot days, windy or humid days; over-activity versus inactivity.

    Each symptom is a piece of that puzzle, even though there may be no relationship to the headache, it still gives valuable information as to the causative factors. Then the whole picture of the “PUZZLE” may be treated, but not a single PUZZLE PIECE alone can solve the causative factors. Treating a symptom is relatively easy. Treating the whole picture not only handles the symptom, but other seemingly unrelated symptoms go away along with it.

    Thus, while there is no such thing as a “normal” headache, there also is no such thing as all headaches being the same. But there are many pathways and options to get rid of headaches for good!