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Many people nowadays suffer from sugar-related issues/diseases. It has been scientifically documented that sugar interferes with the immune system’s ability to attack pathogens, rending them ineffective for 5 hours and taking as long as 3 days to get back on track.  

With current events regarding health and wellness we are increasingly aware of our immune system, this is important information. Some have been doing things such as receiving acupuncture and taking herbs to strengthen their immune system.  It is true, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I would prefer to help you strengthen your immune system, rather than leave you to medical treatments to try to handle your bodies failure after succumbing to disease(s).    

What formidable sugar diseases exist that can be prevented? Amongst that list that are much more  like include hypoglycemia, diabetes, obesity, cardiac disease, fatty liver disease brain impairment and cancer. Suffering is unnecessary and the problem can be caught  and handled in the early stages. Insulin resistance and potentially cortisol excesses is what your body is contending with that result in these conditions. Fortunately we can offer the path to improving and/or reversing these conditions with tools to help your body which will lower the risk of progressive diseases that come with consuming high sugar intake.  

Nutritional Supplementation; Herbs, and very reasonable dietary guidelines, exercise, play and other lifestyle changes offer positive approaches to managing sugar-related diseases. If you are someone who has “tried everything” to manage your sugar related disease, you should consider nutritional supplementations!!