Stop knocking on your Doctor’s doors saying "I like a prescription ANTIBIOTICS so I can feel better right away!"

The consequences are YOUR INTESTINAL FLORA.

What are you doing with it? Remember Everything starts with



Digestion Is The Key to Our Bodies Ability to Build Itself  


Food is only food to your body if You Can Digest It! Your bodies ability to change and build itself is the activity of enzymes - anything that stops or slows your enzymes is detrimental to your bodies continued existence…. The enzyme itself is a functioning mechanism and not a chemical... Most of our nutritional supplements are parts of enzyme systems and parts of functioning mechanisms.  

How is your digestion?

Take this test (check those that apply)  

° I get gas, burping and bloating and/or cramping.  

° I have “heartburn,” “acid indigestion,” “acid reflux” after eating.  

° I take antacids more than once a week or take ‘acid blocker’ medication.  

° I do not have regular (at least daily) bowel movements.


You may benefit from digestive enzyme our Whole food Based Nutritional Supplementations!  


When you are digesting you are assimilating nutrients and this process is painless, quiet. When your digestion is working correctly you should eat a meal and not even be aware that your food is digesting. When digestion is weak you can get distressed and aggravated, sometimes during and most often after eating. Perhaps you or some one you know  is taking medications such as “acid blockers” just so they  can help their digestive processes.  

Antacids, laxatives and medications are "remedies" to treat symptoms brought on by years of poor food choices and decreased enzyme production. Bad digestion has a cumulative effect. The absence of nutritional essentials over time will lead to weak digestion and conditions of deficiency.  

You can take steps for better digestion and assimilation: Eat properly prepared wholesome food. Eating wholesome foods is the first necessary step in order for the remaining steps to follow. Foods rich in enzymes, coenzymes and other natural nutrients are needed to maintain body health.  Only a healthy body can produce the enzymes you need to complete the digestive and assimilative processes. Take your time and chew to break down food thoroughly.  

Call us let us guide your Digestion by paying attention to your intake of food!!! 


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