Published on 13 September 2021 at 08:00

    Zinc is a trace mineral, also called micro minerals. Unlike other nutrients categorized as minerals, zinc is only needed in very small amounts. However zinc should not be overlooked as just an extra nutrient to have just to be healthy during times that are stressful on your body. It is necessary for almost 100 enzymes to carry out vital chemical reactions in your body every single day. 

    Zinc is vital  to the creation of our DNA. It building proteins, as well as healing damaged tissue, and most importantly it supports our healthy IMMUNE SYSTEM. It helps cells to grow and multiply. Iis needed during times of our body’s fast growth such as childhood and adolescence, as well as pregnancy.

    Zinc is also involved with our sense of: taste and smell.  Lack of zinc will lessen these senses.

As for covid...


This Does Not heal or restore COVID-19 (ABSOLUTLY NOT)

studies show a “ZINC” deficiency test MAY help bring your body up to block  



    When the Coronavirus enters your cells, it has a reproduction mechanism that allows copies to be made. This is how COVID-19 spreads through the body and causes damage. Zinc has the ability to stop the reproduction of the Coronavirus inside the cells.



    Zinc is necessary for many of the immunity mediators that help fight off infections. Encourages graceful aging. The nutrients in this supplement can help to increase skin collagen and enhance appearance, helping you to look more youthful and vibrant as you age.


    Zinc deficiency in the elderly and in those with pre-existing conditions is not uncommon as anyone whom has a long-term history of pharmaceutical usage will be found to be zinc deficient. Why? These drugs apparently eat away at the bodies supply of zinc which causes or contribute to zinc deficiency.  

    It would be no surprise to find that zinc deficiency is the main reason elderly people and those with pre-existing conditions whom are on multiple medications make up the group of the highest COVID-19 fatalities.  “Pre-existing conditions” is code for “already on multiple pharmaceuticals” to those whom work in the medical field.  

    For those individuals who have developed a long list of pharmaceuticals for a long duration it has been found that Hydroxychloroquine will best benefit and will work better if supplemented with zinc, which per most recent reports is routinely being administered with the drug.

    Aside from having a history of pharmaceuticals any person can develop a low quantity of zinc in their bodies for other reasons. But how can you know if you have a low quantity of zinc today? 




    There is a tool I’ve used for many years: liquid zinc used as a “taste tester.”  

     A zinc deficiency test is something every patient can do and we provide it FREE OF CHARGE!

    It’s easy, effective and safe to do. Take approximately 5mg of Zinc, and if it is tasteless you have a zinc deficiency! You need zinc! The standard amount used for taste testing being around 5 mgs is safe as the daily allowance for a non-zinc deficient adult is 8-11 mg per day. If you discover you are zinc deficient I urge you to reach a nutritionally trained practitioner since taking to much zinc puts you at risk for anemia. I can certainly help you if you do not have some one you already have to contact. 

    With out a practitioner though you could at the very least check how your body responds to 5 mgs of zinc and every member of your family, unless you are concerned than call me and I can walk you through the zinc test. But it is fairly simple. If there is no taste than you can detect than there is in fact a zinc deficiency. Again, zinc is a vital to the immune system and should be supplied but only to the amount the body requires.

    Of course, this is not the be-all and end-all of immune enhancement, but it is a very big step in the right direction. A lifestyle of refined high carb and processed foods which slowly eliminated your healthy reserves of zinc in the first place requires some effort to change. It is time to change your dietary habits and I can help you do that successfully.  




    As a part of this systemic weakening effect is Zinc deficiencies (and some other) the door is then opened to chronic physical illness, which could lead to taking several pharmaceutical drugs that could possibly further the creation of deficiencies. 

    And please don’t drop out the usual recommendations and treatments you do – just add this to your healthier life as your own TOOLBOX!