Published on 17 September 2021 at 07:00

    Having a healthy and well balanced diet in extremely important in having a healthy life. Maintaining a well balanced diet can effectively reduce or even remove ADHD symptoms. To reach this place of no ADHD symptoms takes some effort and requires complete honesty and tracking food habits. There are no "cheat days" when treating ADHD through nutrition. Discovering what works best can be a very long journey. 


    Meal planning what you eat drastically effects the symptoms of ADHD! Meal planning and cooking will be big steps in developing a healthy way of life and it is required when it comes to managing ADHD.

    Preparation is a factor. What ingredients are you using, are they organic? Are the ingredients overly processed? What can be made into treats that are healthy but still satisfying? How much can such treats be consumed without triggering ADHD symptoms? Developing skills in the kitchen and measuring what foods are consumed becomes a daily decision making process.

    It can be frustrating but it can be a skill that not only improves the symptoms for you or someone you care for with ADHD, but such diets seem to benefit everyone! Of course it can get frustrating catering to ADHD symptoms and even tempting to err in the direction of convenience with fast food, however such meals often lack important nutrients that any human body needs!  

    It can be rewarding to cook at home since you know exactly what you’re putting into your dish and a creative impulse can lead to new satisfying creations. Also, you are shopping for the ingredients so you know how fresh and healthy the ingredients are. You are less likely to use high fat, sugar, and salt. And you can easily do without artificial ingredients and additives. Eating healthy foods can make ADHD symptoms easier to manage. And! You too can benefit from wholesome home cooking in other ways!  


    Where to start! I can help you sort out what foods work and what foods do not work.  The right ingredients are going to help you in a big way to reduce and remove ADHD symptoms and it would be good to add foods to your daily diet that are rich in helpful vitamins and nutrients. 

Try adding:

Nutrient Type

Foods in this category

What it helps

Omega 3-Rich Foods

Seeds, Seafood & Walnuts

Focus Mood & Memory

Zinc-Rich Foods

Seeds Legumes Potatoes & Eggs

Hyperactivity Irritability  & Impulsive Behaviors

Vitamin B Rich Foods

Vegetables Fish Citrus Fruits & Whole Grains

Regulation of Energy Levels  

Magnesium-Rich Foods

Nuts Seeds & Green Leafy Vegetables



     When it comes to vitamins as a part of your daily regimen, it is important to make sure you are getting whole food nutritional supplements. There are synthetically produced vitamins that can leave you thinking that vitamins do nothing to help! The key is getting the correct vitamins. I can certainly help you discover which vitamins your body is deficient in and make sure you are supplying your body with what it actually needs.  

    One vitamin that is showing to be excellent in reducing ADHD symptom severity is Zinc. Zinc controls the synthesis of many neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine and serotonin. It has been discovered that zinc deficiency are present in children with ADHD which is associated with anxiety and hyperactivity they experience.

    So yes! Zinc! However, this is a vitamin that can have adverse effects if too much of it is consumed. Contact me and I will help you get the correct supplement and daily requirement for you sorted out.    

    As a final note, exercise and physical activity are recommended as part of an overall healthy lifestyle in general but can improve thinking ability, and it may improve the symptoms of ADHD. Adding a fitness program with a well balanced diet are two excellent habits to maintain!


To your health!