Golden Apricots

Published on 20 July 2021 at 05:16

    This fantastic and golden/bright fruit is rich in flavor and nutritional value and its flavor range from sweet to sweet-tart, depending on the variety. The best way to eat an apricot is fresh, and include consuming the skin of the apricot as well because the skin is loaded with fiber and nutrients!


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                                             of APRICOTS you will ENJOY!!!   


Skin Transformation  

    Apricots contain Vitamin C and Vitamin A and apricots make a potent transformation to your skin keeping you both glowing and healthy!!!! Apricot Oil derived from apricot seeds is known to treat skin problems such as Eczema and Dermatitis, while the flesh may also be used to soothe some itching that is caused by sunburn or scabies.

    Ever hear of an apricot scrub? Although this is a popular and effective product for exfoliating, starting from the inside out by eating apricots is more effective in the long run. Include apricots in you regular diet and give it over 2 months for the health and beauty benefits to show from the inside out.


Fortified with Fiber.  

    Fiber is your go-to mineral for strong and healthy digestion! It has been found that people who lack  a diet rich in fiber loose out on the benefits that those with fiber rich diets get against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and weight gain. If any of the listed are a personal concern for you or if your family has a history with the diseases listed here than apricots amongst other fibers will help. 


Enhance Bone Strength  

Apricot is rich in:  







These minerals promote Bone Growth and prevent Age-related Bone conditions such as Osteoporosis.  


Calcium alone has been singled out for decades as being the mineral go to to improve bone hair and nail growth when it is much more than just calcium. 


Improve Metabolism  


    Apricot contains potassium which evenly distributes the fluids in your body, therefore, there is a healthy balance of electrolytes that amplifies your energy and keeps your blood pumping.


I  Do hope that these quick notes on the benefit of golden apricots serves you well!

To your health!