Allergies and YOU

Published on 10 April 2021 at 08:14

    Allergies effects approximately 30-40% of our population. There are 4(FOUR) classifications of allergies:

  • Skin Contact (which includes like poisonous plants; scratches from many domesticated animals, soap detergents and even nowadays latex gloves),
  • injection and injected medications
  • inhalation allergies
  • and ingestion allergies for foods!!!

    Each of the above have their own distinct mechanisms; however, there could be some similarities between them. Typical treatments are used like HISTAMINE. However also there are Non-conventional treatments: Homeopathy, your dietary changes, detoxification, nutritional supplementation etc.….


    Many people they do not like some drowsiness feeling and they may not appreciate the loss of smell or taste due to antihistamines or have a fear of allergy shots too, they turn to more natural alternatives for their allergies.  However, I can say that there are many effective solutions. 

    Addressing allergies generally involves addressing your IMMUNE FUNCTION!!! function, especially when it comes to Airborne Allergies.  To effectively address food allergies, it is essential to address the entire Digestive System, starting with your stomach and the ability to digest proteins effectively.  There are also many other pathways your systems to assist to elimination of allergies.

    There are many other ways that will help to reduce or to live with allergies which may include sanitation. Keeping your own environment/home/work clean helps to keep allergens under control and ease up your IMMUNE SYSTEM!

    Some of us also may find some temporary relief of SINUS ALLEGIES!!! by using different nose sprayers, however, although could be helpful, however, this only may address the problems nit the cause. Exercises such as YOGA may stimulate the flow of mucus from the tissues and can be helpful to.      

    However, I always say consult your Physician for better guidance.