Published on 10 May 2021 at 06:43


      Your Adrenal glands stops functioning and soon become atrophied. As you must know, the adrenals must have Vitamin A, B, C and G (complexes) to perform properly.

      Aside from the endocrine function generally declining as you age the environment also presents factors that can stress your adrenals including chemicals and pollution in the air, water, earths soil. The  supermarkets are flooded with processed junk “foods” that do not serve the body nutritionally. Also, our personal relationships are easily strained with the fears and anxieties about the future for our family and friends.

All of these factors test the limits of our health!

      The Adrenals are Endocrine Glands are about walnut sized and they sit on top of the kidneys.

      The outer layers of the adrenal glands  create more than 30 hormones (or hormone-like substances)! These hormones are integrated into nearly every function of your body.

      The inner part of the adrenal gland is an extension of nerve tissue that supply quick jolts of energy during stressful situations. 

Our modern lifestyle presents one stressful situation after another, so the adrenal glands end up getting exhausted, “jumpy” and overworked.  And without healthy adrenal glands we suffer.

As you must know that many of the syndromes, symptoms, and diseases of the 21st century is causally related to a lack of adrenal health. To name a few:

° Chronic fatigue

° Immune deficiency

° Insomnia

° Craving of sweets and caffeine

° Weight gain

° Depression


The adrenal glands are constantly being served stressful stimulation which ultimately leads to adrenal exhaustion.


Although these walnut sized glands are not muscles they do contract when a need arises and relax when the need passes. If they are not given an opportunity to “relax” and restore their strength and function fatigue will result which will lead to loss of healthy adrenal function.


So what is stressing our adrenal glands?

Refined carbohydrates and Junk foods

Physical and mental strain

Sleep deprivation

Chemical & heavy metal toxins

Trauma / Injury

Negative emotions  


Noise pollution

Low blood sugar

and more...

In our world the adrenals are constantly stressed. No wonder adrenal fatigue affects virtually everyone from time to time!

Ask yourself: Do you suffer dizziness? Headaches? Weakness? Are you tired but wired? Do you suffer prolonged weakness after colds or flu? Are you suffering nervous or muscular exhaustion? Do you suffer insomnia? Do you have weight gain around your waist or face only? Decreased libido? Do you experience lightheadedness when standing up quickly? You are likely suffering from stressed, unhealthy adrenals.

To explain and say healthy adrenals help your body with:

° “Fight or Flight” mechanisms

° Carbohydrate metabolism ° Connective tissue and muscle integrity

° Memory, learning, mood, and sleep quality

° Pro & Anti-inflammatory processes

° Immune regulation

° Fat and protein metabolism

° Weight and fat distribution

° Detoxification

° Pancreas, thyroid, ovarian and testicular functions


Let us Check Your Adrenal Health!

      Healthy adrenal glands are obviously particularly important. Because they interact with so many body functions one can test bodily fluids, heart rhythms, muscle testing and how your bodies posture in relation to your blood pressure.

      Let start and test you and your family for signs of Adrenal Stress – together we can decide what we can do to build your health. Adrenal Health and the Nutritional Essentials The best approach to adrenal health is to avoid stressors and support healthy adrenal function with whole foods, whole food concentrates, ProtomorphogensTM and herbs.

Avoid adrenal stressors such as:

° Processed “junk” food

° Sugar, soda, and caffeine

° Toxic chemicals and cleaners

° Inadequate sleep and stimulants to get going

° Mental stress – fears - anxieties


Nurture your adrenals by:

° Eating fresh natural foods

° Going to bed early

° Taking the Sugar Challenge

 ° Purifying your body of toxins

° Correcting your allergies

° Enjoying gentle exercise like walking, yoga

° Relax, meditate. Supplement your diet with these whole food concentrates. They will build your adrenal health back up over time.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They are to support your health!!!