Published on 26 May 2021 at 08:38

      Do you feel irritable, shaky, or even lightheaded if you miss a meal or have a delayed meal?  Do you have a difficult time staying away from sugary baked goods and sweats?  Does eating too much sugar make you feel sick?  Are you missing or skipping the 3 meals a day your body may need?   

      If you answered yes to any of the above questions, there is a chance you may be showing signs of a poor sugar-handling mechanism in your body.  You may or could be hypoglycemic, diabetic, or borderline either of those two.  With the correct guidance and actions it is possible to correct the course of these symptoms and be back on track with good health.  

      Having high blood sugar levels can be quite serious to the point of interfering with your bodies natural healing capabilities and immune function, or worse. It is vital to manage your blood pressure before it gets out of control.  Most adult-onset diabetes (now called Type II Diabetes), started with Low Blood Sugar.  Blood sugar that swings from highs to lows is hard on your system, but easy to control once you know how.  

      The problem is that we are only taught to control blood sugar using various medications or told to perform exercise and watch what we eat, but not much attention is given to correcting the underlying CAUSE. Let's look at the Endocrine system to help solve these host of symptoms!

       There are several organs or glands responsible for managing blood sugar which are all part of the Endocrine System (which is a complex hormonal system in your body which help control your mood, the way organs work, metabolism , and more). 

      A weakness, or misfunctioning in any one of the organs and/or glands in the Endocrine System can cause a malfunction in another of the organs and/or glands controlling blood sugar.  There are a lot of different function between “healthy” and “diseased”.   

      In addition, there are foods that may affect blood sugar instability, as well as foods that support healthy blood sugar.  There are foods that support proper organ function and foods that contribute to malfunction.  Some make you crave more sweets and others suppress cravings.  There are many supplements/herbs that will be helpful.  Knowing how to use them is the key and your way to better health.  

      If you need help navigating which foods support your efforts to a healthier body and which ones harm it, or need guidance in any way, reach out to me, I'm here to help.