The Health Benefits of Prunes

Published on 7 June 2021 at 10:00

    If you already enjoy prunes and include them in your diet than please enjoy this article and find out how your are benefiting your body with this tasty fruit!

    Prunes are dried plums that are a close relative of peaches and cherries. Just like raisins, it may take time for some people to adjust to its distinctive taste, but once you acquire it, you just cannot get enough of them!

What Are the Health Benefits of Prunes?

Building Muscle

    Exercise is the best way to build muscle, however supplying your body with a specific nutrient you can find in prunes that promotes muscle growth and development is a little known fact amongst most people. Although you know the role calcium plays in building bone and muscle "boron" goes without very much mention and is richly supplied in prunes! Boron is the most active mineral that you can supply your body to help support muscle growth, muscle coordination and also (extra benefit) help make your mind sharper!

Energy Food

    What makes this fruit special is it can sustain your appetite and energy without raising your sugar levels. Thanks to mother nature this fruit was created with a unique blend of fiber, sorbitol and fructose amongst its other nutritional qualities.  This is a great alternative to energy drinks!


    Prunes are rich in IRON of which may and can help prevent or even treat Anemia. Iron is also supplied in meat, however with more people shifting to vegetarian or vegan diets prunes become the best alternative go to as an excellent source for iron!

Better Sleep

    Sometimes it is nice to have a little snack before bed. Prunes are a good choice because they contain magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that catalyzes over 300 interchanges which positively effects all of your bodies systems including your nervous system.

    Magnesium helps calm your nervous system which helps your body to rest and sleep.

In Summary

    Prunes help in keeping bones strong, a body calm and your mind moving along on top of rebuilding muscle. This nutritious fruit offers so much and taste good too!


To your Health!