Flour vs. Fresh Whole Grains

Published on 30 June 2021 at 07:00

Making healthy food choices requires some understanding of how the different ingredients will either benefit or not benefit your overall health. Let's look at these differences.  


Health differences between the two are:

•Fresh whole grains help to decrease the frequency of cancer, heart failure and high blood pressure where processed flour increases the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

•You cannot sprout flour or partially cut seeds. Whole grain can be sprouted and result in an entire plant.

•Freshly ground grain provides you more energy. This is because store-bought flour products are ground months earlier so the "life" they contribute to you is poor.

•Processed flour has the bran removed and whole grain does not remove the bran which provides you with B vitamins, minerals and fiber.

•"Germ" is a small structure that provides nourishment for the seed so that a complete new life can develop. Processed flour has the germ removed while whole grains have the germ to provide vitamin B, E and antioxidants.

•Eating processed flour leaves you with an empty stomach which is why you eat more. Fresh whole grains satisfy your body.

    Hope this helps in your personal discovery of what foods best benefit your overall health and wellness!