Testosterone: Men or Women!!

Published on 26 June 2021 at 07:00

Some people have called testosterone the hormone of desire. So yes, low testosterone in men and women can cause decreased libido, but the bigger issue is aging. The process of aging is largely a tissue breakdown or a catabolic process. Testosterone on the other hand is anabolic or tissue building process.

It promotes building body tissues like muscle, skin and bone for both men and women. If a man has low testosterone he is doubly at risk of metabolic syndrome. Testosterone protects brain cells. When free testosterone is not in supply, men are at an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's.

What are some of the reasons for low testosterone?

    Stress is a major factor. Long term chronic stresses caused by poor lifestyle, ongoing psychological stress, heavy metals, toxins, inflammation, and infection will decrease testosterone. There is "good stress", however, that can increase testosterone, and this is in the form of exercise, in moderation (too much exercise can become bad stress for the body). The starting point for testosterone is cholesterol.

    It has been found that many people taking statins to reduce cholesterol end up with low testosterone, yet this area has not been fully researched as of yet. That is an interesting thought, isn’t it? In fact, Cholesterol is converted to Pregnenolone. Some of the Pregnenolone is converted to progesterone and some to another anabolic hormone DHEA.

    Let us follow the progesterone pathway. We need progesterone to make adrenal hormones. So, if you are extremely stressed out the pregnenolone might be shunted or rerouted to make adrenal hormones, specifically cortisol. This is called the pregnenolone or cortisol steal because the body steals pregnenolone to make cortisol and the rest of the hormones suffer.

    Therefore, anti-stress strategies like deep sleep, meditation, yoga, controlled breathing is so important and should be a part of this picture. All these practices promote and further anabolic repair. Stress causes breakdown and destruction of tissue.

    Coming back to hormones, if your clinician has prescribing privileges, they may recommend bio-identical hormones, and that is great!


    So, yes, testosterone  has been called the hormone of desire. Again, low testosterone in men and women can cause decreased libido and also previously stated the bigger issue is aging! The natural way to boost testosterone, I personally like amongst other natural ways, is apoptogenic compounds that feed the pathways needed to make hormones rather than give hormones.

    Adaptogens are natural substances that provide precursors and co-factors the body needs to return itself to physiologic balance. There are many brands out there to choose from but it is best to go with the one instructed by your doctor, for your body!

    Do not forget high intensity interval training exercise also increases growth hormone and downstream hormones like testosterone and reduces insulin. This is a form of "good stress" that will benefit your body in many ways including increased testosterone.

    In today's changing health care system, it is important to study these areas and then ask your wellness clinician to assess your need for natural products and then help you develop a strategy to increase how your body repairs “naturally”. This translates into “slowing down the aging process”.

And we all like that!!!