Top Foods for Immune Health

Published on 11 October 2021 at 15:39

    Over the ages people have discovered what foods to eat and what not to eat on a trail by error basis. From the days when we foraged and found the wrong mushrooms or ate bad meat to discovering what macros are needed for your particular body type, we have come a long way.
In this discovery process we have also found foods that best serve our immune system.

    The value of nutrient-dense foods that boost your immunity is one of the best ways to support health. By consuming low sugar foods including phytonutrient rich herbs, fruit and vegetables, fermented foods and healthy fats are the best immune-supporting foods.

    To get you started here are 8 foods to incorporate for a robust immune health. At least 3 servings a day from the list below into your eating regimen and incorporating these foods into your menu weekly will greatly boost your immunity. Of course if you have allergies to or are sensitive to any of the foods bellow then disregard it while maintaining the remaining items on the list to your regimen.

Lemon Limes
Bone Broth

Apple Cider
Olive Oil

Vitamin D For Immune Health

    Vitamin D boosts up our natural T Helper cells. These T helper cells work to suppress inflammation and modulate the immune response, so it is more effective at combating pathogens.
Being out on the sun is the ideal way to boost your vitamin D levels. You can also use certain foods such as egg yolk, organ meat, grass-fed butter, and salmon, but the levels are too low to have a strong impact. 
    I recommend that you take roughly 1,000 IUs of vitamin D per 25 lbs. of body weight as a maintenance dosage. For an advanced dosage to raise your levels quickly, I recommend 2,000 IUs of vitamin D per 25 lbs. of body weight.
    I also recommend taking vitamin D with a proper amount of vitamin K2 as these nutrients work in cooperation to enhance calcium metabolism, bone, and cardiovascular health. Therefore, we created our Vitamin D3/K2 Power supplement.


To Your Health!