Carbs Are Not Evil

Published on 7 January 2022 at 20:37

    Avoiding a carb laden diet and maintaining nourishing food habits is truly a task in America. With cheap food options on every shelf in your ordinary market , requires turning a blind eye. Many conventional foods provide more carbs and sugar in a day than your body can use in three days. There are are solutions to getting nutrition on track which I will go into later.

The Price You Pay

    The cost of these foods on market shelves may look economical in the moment, however take a second look when you hunt through the isle for your next meal. Per the American Diabetes Association (ADA), people diagnosed with diabetes have average medical expenses of $16,752 per year. A brand new car can be purchased every other year with that much money. It isn't just diabetes. Multiple health issues can be experienced, including heart disease and cancer.  If you have seen those hospital bills, even for a simple routine surgery, it is the cost of a house! 

Carbs and Body Chemistry

    If diabetes is starting to look like a part of your life or your future, and if you are experiencing trouble getting off carbs due to incessant carb cravings than just know that it has more to do with marketing than genetics.

    These carbs are intentionally maintained as ingredient to keep you coming back for more. It has long since been discovered that human bodies (and even some other mammals) crave carbs when supplied with too many. 

Same goes for processed sugars. Marketing reinforces the cravings similar much to ringing the bell of Pavlov's dog, which adds the psychological layer to the problem.

Fast Way to Overcome the Carb Cravings

   Carb cravings reduce over time, same as sugar. The longer you go without them the less intense the cravings are. Drop sugars too as they turn into carbs in your body when they are not used right away, and too much sugar is supplied in many processed foods for anyone to be able to burn it quick enough.

   When your body is done burning the quickest available energy (sugar) it is set to burn on carbs and then fats (in this order). Eventually after all the fat is burned the body then starts to burn your bodies stored proteins. This is not an issue if you have any kind of significant fat on your body as this would have to be burned off before proteins.

    Carbs were only meant by nature to be your back up supply of energy. If you are over weight than you are in an abundant supply of stored energy. This does not feel like it is factual since a constant over supply of carbs on a daily basis keeps a body tired and sluggish. The stored carbs/fat are more than an ample supply of energy and is only apparently the culprit of exhaustion. It is not.

Quick Jump Start

    Just to keep it a easy as possible just do these 3 steps. It may take days or several weeks (usually not more than a month) to break cravings.

    Get rid of all the carbs in your house - This would include breads and baked goods you may well love more than your first child or favorite fur baby. In a relatively short amount of time you may grow indifferent to the bread. You'll be okay.
    This is absolutely key to a quick jump start on reducing carbs and sugars. you know yourself better than anyone which foods you can not resist. They will loose power over you the longer you let them fall to the waste side. Also, ignore commercials for a while as well. 

    This quick jump start is entirely intended to break the cravings to help lead you to a fully successful transfer to nourishing food that your body will absolutely love. 

    Set your eating times - It takes the human body up to 12 hours to burn the food that it has consumed, and then your digestive system goes to sleep and your body just then begins the healing process. Consider your goals and take it easy. It is called "intermittent fasting" and it can be done many ways. If intermittent fasting is new to you contact me if you want some guidance through this step.

    For a first timer, I would suggest pushing your consumption times a little at a time to let your body get used to it. Example: If you normally eat breakfast at 6 am, and dine at 8 pm try moving it to 6 am to 6 pm. You can make the window smaller as you go. The longer you fast the greater the benefits get, for reference on hours of fasting click here .

    Prepare good foods in advance - You need to especially make sure that you are getting proper nutrition because your body will be waking up from a constant carb supply and it will want nutrition to feed its cells and build you back up. Make sure you include plenty of water, protein, vegetables, fats (such as avocados) and vitamins. Electrolytes will be very important as well since your body will be changing how it process these vital essential minerals which effect over 300 functions in your body. 

     Contact me if your need help setting up the quick start!

After the Carb Cravings are Gone

    This could be the one reason most of us do not even bother rebooting our bodies... Going back to the foods that caused the problem in the first place.

    Changing to foods that are better for you do not have to be costly or time consuming. Luckily there are plenty of options such as La Tortilla Factory which has 4 net carbs per tortilla, or Ezekiel bread at 15 net carbs per slice and as a rice replacement cauliflower rice with 3 net carbs per cup, is now easily available. Carbs are not evil, and are an essential food energy component within moderation. Taking in less than 50 carbs per day is a moderate amount to consume. 

    Fruits are completely acceptable and very convenient. Our bodies have adapted to this type of sugar over thousands if not tens of thousands of years vs. a little over 100 years of processed sugars which our bodies do not fully recognize as food.

    Only 4 ounces of meat per meal (2 meals a day with protein) will keep your blood sugar balanced, reducing or even annihilating any cravings. This can be replaced with eggs, yogurts and milk if you are vegetarian, and vegan options are evolving so fast these days to even keep up with.
If you are inclined to do food prepping, 2 hours once a week will save you up to 3.5 hours of food hunting through the markets and fast food restaurants (Monday-Friday during your lunch breaks). However, if you are inclined to eat fast food, ask for your meal protein style or with out the bread and be wise of the menu's nutritional facts.

    This is only the beginning and there is so much more to make this change as easy as possible. Again, feel free to contact me and ...To your health!