Flour vs. Fresh Whole Grains

Published on 24 January 2022 at 07:00

    A week ago I wrote an article titled "Avoid Refined Sugar and Processed Grain" and I mentioned choosing the right breads. By a readers request I am following up with more detail on how to choose your bread based on a few observations you can make in the market. And I have included some other reasons to be picky about what you get. 

    Eating for your health whether for longevity or just to have more vitality today also can keep you in a level of health that can prevent you from ending up in the hospital. Any time is a good time to be in good health and avoid unnecessary hospital stays. Right now you can see how the right breads and the wrong bread can effect your health. 


Overly Processed vs Fresh and Complete


    It is good to be of good health and free of germs, as in virus, bad bacteria and other microscopic life that can cause diseases, but this should not be confused with another definition for the word germ. For this article we will be using the other meaning for the word. 


    The germ we are talking about is a small structure that provides nourishment for the seed so that a complete new life can develop.

    Processed flour has the germ removed while whole grains have the germ to provide vitamin B, E and  antioxidants. You

 cannot sprout flour or partially cut seeds. Whole grain can be sprouted and result in an entire plant. Processed flour has the bran removed and whole grain does not remove the bran which provides you with B vitamins, minerals and fiber.


Consider this for breakfast cereals too. Are the manufacturers processing the bran so thoroughly that the the nutritional value is no longer present?


Health Risks vs Health Benefits


    Fresh whole grains help to decrease the frequency of cancer, heart failure and high blood pressure where processed flour increases the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

    Freshly ground grain provides you more energy. This is because store-bought flour products are ground months earlier so the "life" they contribute to you is poor. Also eating processed flour leaves you with an empty stomach which is why you eat more. Fresh whole grains satisfy your body.


Where Do You Find the Good Stuff?


    Whole foods, Sprouts/Henry's and very often Vegan markets carry whole and fresh grains in bins that you can measure into bags. You can use them for cereals, baking and even add some types into your trail mixes. 

    If cooking or baking is not on your to do list you can often find breads that say "sprouted grains" or "Bob Red Mill Grain" is one of the ingredients. Just know that this is fresh and these breads do not come with preservatives so it will go stale if left out for too many days. It is better to keep these breads in the fridge rather than on the counter. 

    That is the long and short of it. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions you want answered or to have a topic addressed!


To Your Health!