Published on 26 July 2022 at 08:00

    It is summer time, our time to enjoy the many gifts this season has to give us, one of them being strawberries! The strawberry which is loved by many many people around the world, although they are sweet and are primarily used as an ingredient in many deserts or even just by themselves, are surprisingly beneficial to your health! 

    This sweet and juicy fruit isn’t just yummy for your taste buds, it also satisfies your body on a cellular level!

    Any food that has high levels of desirable nutrients that provide health benefits and are even linked to prevention of disease that can not be discovered simply by their listed nutritional values falls

under the definition of a superfood. Surprise! Strawberries are jam-packed with a lot of antioxidants and nutrients and have been linked to health benefits.

What can strawberries do for you!

Immunity Boost

    Who doesn’t want to boost up their bodies ability to fight off infections, viruses and bad bacteria? In the early 1900’s the health benefits of vitamin C were just beginning to be tested whereas prior to this it was already suspected that this one vitamin would greatly assist in fighting off certain diseases.

    Vitamin C is in fact not just for consuming when you are feeling under the weather. It is an important vitamin your body needs daily and strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin c. One serving of strawberry contains 51.5mg of Vitamin C, doubling the serving to a cup can help you achieve 100 percent of your vitamin c needs.

Resilient Skin

    Your skin is the biggest organ your body has. If your skin is in good health you could expect to have not only healthy skin,  but hair and nails as well since this organ alone produces all three. There is more than a sufficient amount of Vitamin C in strawberries to promote collagen production. Strawberries can even be applied as part of a face mask to detoxify and reduce acne inflammation which also helps to repair damage and correct visible damage.

   In addition, this fruit contains ellagic acid which is known to be a wrinkle-fighter and it helps prevent the destruction of collagen in the skin. Consuming vitamin C helps in maintaining your skin’s elasticity and resilience however it can also be applied with honey as a facial mask as well.  

Rich in Fiber

    Not having enough fiber in your diet can cause very uncomfortable results on anyone’s body. When a body lacks fiber a person can begin to feel intestinal inflammation, known as diverticulitis which over half of all people over 60 experience regularly.

    Fever and nausea can also be unpleasantly experienced with that go with diverticulitis. A more common experience that goes with a lack of fiber is constipation and is easily corrected by including more fiber through diet.  

    You can help yourself and reduce the possibility of having these very unpleasant experiences easily by simply adding fiber rich foods like strawberries to your grocery cart. 


Enjoy daily fiber requirements by snacking on strawberries!

Fierce Vision

    Whether damage occurs from elements outside of your eyes or coming from inside of your eyes vitamin C helps reduce damage from these free radicals! Using vitamin c you can help prevent  floaters, cataracts and glaucoma! As an antioxidant and beside its anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C can also protect the eyes from the damages. Vitamin C also plays a significant part in strengthening the eye’s cornea and retina.

    Do you know anyone who wants to go blind? If you do than vitamin C is not for them! Although I have not met a patient yet who wants to lose their eyesight. If you are interested in increasing your vitamin C intake with nutrition than add strawberries to your diet!

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To Your Health!