Creating Your Healthy Life & Healthy Habits

Published on 19 June 2021 at 07:00

    Are you now at the point where you are ready to create new life and healthy habits? The keyword here is “CREATE.” You must constantly create the habit for it to become a new habit.

    Whether you know it or not, you are either creating your health or destroying your health. When you do not exercise, your health starts to diminish. Keep this in mind, like a daily mantra, so you can put in the effort to create health.

    Here is what you may do to start creating your own health and forming better habits:
      1. Keep it easy — make sure your meals are healthy and simple (4 ingredients or less) and eat a          variety of meals and may be lite desserts to keep things fresh.
      2. Increase the amount of good fat you have with your meal — eating good fat will help you                  avoid snacking between meals.
      3. NO JUNK FOOD PLEASE — Try to get rid of all of your junk food, take it out of your house!            If it is available to you, you are going to eat it.
      4. Fewer restaurant meals — eating at a restaurant can make you feel bloated and tired                          because you cannot control the hidden ingredients they add to the meal.
      5. Transition out of dirty keto (dirty keto is a version of the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet... A       dirty keto diet can lack the nutrients your body needs to survive, and it fills your plate with                 preservatives that cause inflammation).
     6. Increase your own awareness — many people go straight for junk food when they are                         stressed without realizing it. Increasing your awareness will help you avoid these situations.
     7. Do not ask yourself, “Hmmm!! what am I in the mood for now?” — Do not eat from the                       perspective of your emotions or cravings. This will lead to many “Bad Food” choices. Plan your         meals out ahead of time, so you do not leave room for bad meal choices.
     8. When at restaurants, ask them to not serve bread/chips and to not bring the dessert menu —       this will eliminate tempting processed carb options.

    Here is what you should NOT do:
      1. Allow yourself to be temped.
      2. Have snacks (even if they are Keto!).
      3. Occasionally!!! You may have a cheat day.